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DIY Projects & Home Maintenance Tips

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Disclaimer : All below contents are also available as videos in my youtube channel. This blog is for explaining about them.

1. Turn Your Dining Table Into A Canvas With Your Paintings & Photos

Turn Your Dining Table Into A Canvas With Your Paintings & Photos using the semi transparent table cloth.

Waterproof 6 Seater Dining Table Cover is suitable for this


2. Tap Service To Remove Hard Water Scales | Increase Tap Flow | Remove Rust from Galvanised Pipes

Hard water and rust inside pipes causes the less flow and scales on taps and pipes. In this video we will see how to clean the tap with simple and commonly available items.

Raw Materials:

  1. Backing soda - 1 packet

  2. Vinegar - 1 bottle

  3. Tools like screw driver and pipe range

There will be a chemical reaction between Baking soda(Sodium bicarbonate) and Vinegar (Acetic acid) reacts to carbon dioxide, water and sodium acetate. The limescale(calcium carbonate) in the hard water is highly insoluble, but it also reacts with this. The limescale will go into an equilibrium with the dissolved acetate, forming calcium acetate, which is more soluble. Calcium acetate solubility will be increased more by the presence of carbon dioxide. Hence the structure of the calcium carbonate deposit will be broken up and easily come out by using a scrubber, after dipping into the same solution. The solution can be reused multiple times, and can be used to clean all other sanitary ware fittings. Your old taps and other sanitary fittings, will shine again.

More details and other interesting projects and experiments are available in the YouTube channel

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