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DIY Hologram: Turn a Glass Bowl into a Holographic Wonder! ✨ #DIYHologram #HomeTechMagic #Holographi

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Hello, kids and tech enthusiasts! Today, we're stepping into the fascinating world of holograms with a simple DIY project. All you need is a glass bowl and a piece of plastic. Let's unlock the magic of holography right at home!

Materials Needed:

  • Glass bowl

  • Transparent plastic sheet (plastic lid or overhead projector sheet)

  • Smartphone or tablet (AMOLED display is better)

  • Craft knife or scissors

  • Tape

  • Dark room for optimal hologram effect

Step 1: Crafting the Holographic Plate

"Take your transparent plastic sheet and cut it into a plane shape to fit inside the bowl at 45degree angle"

Step 2: Assembling the Hologram plate

"Using tape, carefully attach the plastic shape inside the bowl at 45degree angle so that it can reflect the video from the phone. Make sure the edges are securely taped to avoid any light leakage."

Step 3: Choosing Holographic Content

"Search for holographic videos or images online. You can find plenty of free options that are specifically designed for this DIY hologram setup. Download or prepare a video that suits your preferences." Here I use the video 

Step 4: Playing the Holographic Content

"Dim the lights in the room for the best holographic effect. Place your smartphone or tablet on top of the glass bowl, with the screen facing upwards. Play the holographic content on your device."

Step 5: Witnessing the Magic

"As the holographic content plays, the glass bowl will project a 3D hologram above it. Adjust the brightness and angle of your device to achieve the clearest holographic projection. Prepare to be amazed!"


"There you have it, your very own DIY holographic display using just a glass bowl and a plastic sheet. Explore different holographic content and share your thoughts with us in comments. Until next time, happy hologram crafting!"

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